DANUrB+ Summer School: Urban Exploration Workshops for Youth in Giurgiu

In July 2021, NGO Association for Urban Transition and its mobile lab for participatory urbanism, Urboteca, organised the DANUrB+ Summer School: Urban Exploration Workshops for Youth. This series of knowledge transfer and education sessions around urban space were part of the local activation of the international project DANUrB+ in Giurgiu, Romania. They were developed locally […]

The Roman Past Becoming Alive: The Bulgarian Action Plan for Ulpia Escus and Novae

The municipalities of Belene, Nikopol and Gulyantsi are part of the Pleven district, the capital of the EU North-West Planning Region of Bulgaria. The three municipalities progressively lost a significant part of their active population in the years after 1989. This is a result of the opening of Bulgaria to the world during the transition […]