Dunavijada! – The Danube and me, yes!

Dunavijada is a catchy acronym produced by teachers and pupils of primary school Julija Benešića in Ilok when entering the DANUrB+ educational program. Ilok is a far-east Croatian city on the Danube with rich history and connection to the river. This was an event which took several months of preparation and was executed with the […]

Călărași Action Plan: The Green Urban Axis

The town of Călărași benefits from the opening of the Borcea Canal of the Danube as well as the “steel” canal belonging to the former Siderca platform, now demolished. These local heritage values, both of nature and of the recent past, are present on site, but very little used and having no impact on the […]

A Pavilion at the Danube: the Golubac Building camp

Building camps for students are one of the main activities of DANUrB+ INTERREG Project in the working package WP.T4 “Actions – putting the heritage of the Danube into action: local, regional and international projects”. The activities related to preparation and organization of the building camps are labeled as the thematic deliverable 4.4.1., under the title […]